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todayApril 27, 2020

Earlier this month, The World Games Birmingham announced that due to circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global event will be moved from the summer of 2021 to the summer of 2022.

Our team at the Birmingham Organizing Committee remains confident that our mission to make this edition of The World Games the best one yet will be carried out in 2022 just as strongly – and perhaps even more strongly – as it would have in 2021.

Amid this new shift, there have been an abundance of questions, and I want to be sure that our fans, athletes and partners get the answers they’re looking for, straight from the source.

Let’s walk through some of these questions together.

When will The Games take place?

The World Games will be held July 7 to 17, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

Will any of the fundamentals of The Games change, such as sports or broadcasting?

No. A large part of our decision to shift The Games to 2022 was based on the number of presentation partners and sports we share with the 2020 Olympics, who recently announced their own shift to the summer of 2021. Our 2022 announcement ensured that our sports program – which will include more than 3,600 athletes competing in 33 sports – remained intact. This change also maintained our national and international television coverage with ISB and NBC Sports, and allowed full support from SwissTiming, our timing and scoring partner.

How will the change impact the partners of The World Games?

With more time comes more opportunity. That’s the message we want to ensure our sponsorship partners hear from us. The extra time between now and the Opening Ceremony gives us even more time to promote our partners – not just to Birmingham, but the entire sports world. It also gives us another year to generate new sponsor partnerships to help make this the most exciting and engaging edition of The Games yet.

What effect will the change have on the projected impact on the city of Birmingham?

We started out with an estimated local economic impact of $256 million. One of our top priorities remains delivering a lasting impact and legacy for Birmingham. Each and every one of our 25 original venues around the Greater Birmingham area have been confirmed for July of 2022, and we remain committed to showcasing them on a global stage.

Will the shift bring about any changes in presentation of The Games?

Prior to the announcement of the shift in dates, LRY Media Group was awarded the first contract through our World of Opportunity Supplier Diversity Program. Through that contract, LRY has been selected to lead design and production of our opening and closing ceremonies, as well as The World Games Plaza. LRY’s vision for these events completely captivated us from the beginning, and that vision remains the same.

These are uncertain times. Sports are one of the most unifying activities in the world, and the world certainly misses them. That’s why we’re so excited that The World Games Birmingham will represent a great reconnection for sports fans, as it will be the first major international multi-sport event on American soil following this global pandemic.

My vision for The World Games Birmingham, since day one, has been to throw the world’s biggest sports party while putting Birmingham on a global stage. No matter when the medals are awarded, that vision isn’t changing.

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