BIRMINGHAM, USA | ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ JULY 7-17, 2022

Live Healthy, Play Global Education Initiative



The World Games 2022 Education Initiative

The World Games 2022 Live Healthy, Play Global Toolkit consists of a variety of downloadable digital educational assets. The toolkit was created and produced by an exceptional group of Alabama teachers representing a wide variety of disciplines with the goal of enhancing physical education and social studies curricula by offering relevant educational resources inspired by The World Games 2022. These digital materials may be used by teachers, public and private schools, homeschoolers, afterschool programs and community organizations to engage students in learning about The World Games 2022. The activities can be incorporated into physical education, art, music, social and emotional learning, sportsmanship, civics, social studies, language arts, math, and science. While designed for children in grades K through 5, many of the assets can be adapted for use by middle school students.

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