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E-Force Signs Agreement with IRF for Official Racquet

todayJune 26, 2018

In a significant announcement made by E-Force and the International Racquetball Federation (IRF), E-Force was named the “Official Racquet” of the IRF.
According to Ron Grimes, owner of E-Force, the decision to continue supporting the IRF and its focus on international growth was an easy one. “As racquetball’s racquet technology leader, E-Force is excited to extend its over 12-year International Racquetball Federation sponsorship.  E-Force is committed to growing racquetball internationally. The IRF, with its efforts towards this shared goal, is the perfect partner.”

E-Force has been a longtime supporter of international racquetball, and IRF Secretary General Luke St. Onge was delighted with the outcome of this agreement. “We have been working with E-Force to grow racquetball internationally for many years,” he said, “and we’re happy and excited to see Ron and his company continue supporting international racquetball as the Official Racquet of the Federation.”

E-Force will be the “Official Racquet” for all IRF World and Continental tournaments in addition to the Olympic chain of events including the Pan American Games, South American Games, Central American Caribbean Games, and World Games.

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