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IKF President meets with JOC and JWGA to assist in korfball development

todayAugust 4, 2018

IKF President Jan Fransoo met earlier this week with representatives from the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japanese World Games Association. They discussed the development of korfball in Japan and Asia, and the next steps to take for the Japan Korfball Association to obtain official recognition and affiliation to these important organizations. President Fransoo was accompanies by Professor Inglish Y.C. Huang, President of IKF Asia, Professor Fumio Morooka, Honorary President of the Japan Korfball Association, and Mr Yoshimitsu Tobisa, President of the Japan Korfball Association.

In the meeting with the Japanese Olympic Committee, the development of korfball in Asia and Japan was discussed, and support was requested from the JOC with regard to the recognition of IKF Asia by the Olympic Council of Asia. Mr Ohstuka and Mr Nishimura showed appreciation for the development of korfball, in particular the values of gender equality in our sport.

In the meeting with the Japanese World Games Association, Secretary General Tom Furusuka welcomed the JKA to be a member of the JWGA, joining many other World Games sports to join formally the sports governance structure in Japan. Mr Furusaka, Professor Morooka, and Mr Tobisa agreed to soon arrange the application documents since the JKA meets all requirements.

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