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“It’s the Right Time” Legacy Mural Initiative presented by Hibbett | City Gear


“It’s the Right Time” Legacy Mural Initiative presented by Hibbett | City Gear

Through the partnership of Hibbett | City Gear and local artists, The World Games 2022 will create four vivid murals on publicly viewed spaces in Jefferson and Shelby counties. With the theme “It’s the Right Time,” the legacy mural initiative will promote diversity and inclusion with public artwork featuring messages of acceptance, kindness, teamwork, and compassion.

“It’s the Right Time to Believe in Birmingham”

Artist: Meghan McCollum

Location: Pepper Place

photo of woman painting a rainbows on a wall

A work in progress, check back for updates! 

As an artist and urbanist, Meghan has long held a passion for championing communities through creative placemaking.

Drawn to the power reflected through the practice of open-source urban design, Blank Space Bham was born from a desire to elevate art’s role in sparking dialogue and action towards empowering people to build strong, thriving communities. As an advocate for intentional placemaking, Meghan believes mural art should reflect a city’s people and be utilized as a tool to amplify their voices.

Partnering with local artists, nonprofits, and businesses, Meghan uses her background in community organizing to help others utilize art in ways that create more accessible, inclusive spaces by bringing together a whole cadre of creative resources and partners.

With over a decade in the field and five years as a small business owner, she not only designs and paints large-scale mural work but also offers consultation and project management services through Blank Space in hopes of inspiring others to use mural art in their own way in Birmingham and beyond!

“It’s the Right Time to be One”

Artist: Shawn Fitzwater

Location: TBD

Coming soon!

“It’s the Right Time to Love One Another”

Based on “Fan Favorite” social media vote

Artist: Marcus Addison

Location: TBD

Coming soon!

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