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TWG2022 License Plate


Join us on the Road to Birmingham

Get your TWG2022 Plate for your vehicle and support The World Games 2022’s commitment to education, diversity, and sustainability.

Free to the first 175 people! Register below.

Photo of a Alabama license plate with The World Games 2022 logo on the left, TWG22 in the center and right, and an organ donor heart symbol in the lower right corner.


Please send completed forms to [email protected].


  2. Indicate if you would like to personalize your plate when it becomes available.
  3. Fill in your personal Registrant Information.
  4. Save and send the form to [email protected]
  5. Submit form by JANUARY 30, 2022
  6. When the license plate are produced, you will receive an email of their availability date at your local licensing office and your pre-commitment redemption voucher. Please wait until the available date and present this voucher at a local licensing office to retrieve your plate.

    Until you receive the plate availability date and redemption voucher email, do not proceed to the licensing office and please continue to use your existing plate. 

The World Games 2022 requires 250 registrations for the plate to be produced. When 250 people have registered, you will receive an email for the expected date your plate will be available at the local licensing office.

When the plate is available, you will receive an email containing a “pre-commitment redemption voucher.” This voucher must be presented as proof of your $50 purchase to retrieve your TWG2022 plate.

If you have an existing, registered plate for your vehicle, this will be exchanged for TWG2022 plate.

If you have an expired plate, you do not need to return it to the licensing office but will be required to pay the standing issuing fees for a plate in Alabama. This varies based on make and model of your vehicle.

During the registration process, plates cannot be personalized. However, once you receive the email with your pre-commitment redemption voucher, you will have the option in the email to reserve a personalized message for your plate.

The TWG2022 license plate itself is FREE. When picking up the plate, purchasers will still be required to pay the standard issuing fees for registering a vehicle in Alabama. This varies based on vehicle make and model and is determined at the local licensing office.

Yes! In the registration process, you can add up to 10 vehicles per application.

If you own more than 10 vehicles that you would like to have TWG2022 plates, please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist in processing your group order.

No, do not wait to renew your current license plate.

When you receive an email notification that your TWG2022 plate is available, you can pick it up at the licensing office by presenting your pre-commitment redemption voucher. You must return your existing plate in exchange for the TWG2022, at that time.

After registering and once you receive the pre-commitment redemption voucher email notification, you may proceed to the local licensing office to retrieve your plate. You do not have to turn in your existing, expired plate. Applicable issuance fees must be paid to the issuing official before the TWG2022 license plate can be issued to you, and this varies based on the make and model of your vehicle.

The TWG2022 license plate itself is $50 and your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase. Your plate renewal will be due at your normal yearly renewal date.

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