Birmingham, USA | July 7 - 17, 2022







What are the basic steps to volunteer?

  1. Learn about the program (you’re doing that now!)
  2. Fill out the application online using Rosterfy platform
  3. Pass a background screen
  4. Complete a brief interview
  5. Accepted volunteers will receive an official invitation
  6. You must accept the invitation and commit to the volunteer requirements and code of conduct
  7. Complete training modules
  8. Communicate with your Team Captain (ongoing process, after being placed on a team)
  9. Sign up for your shifts (approximately April 2022)
  10. Get your uniform package and goodies! (approximately May 2022)
  11. Complete any on-site and team specific training


What is Rosterfy? 
Rosterfy is the platform we use for our Volunteer Program. By registering to volunteer, you will create an account in Rosterfy. You will use this account to complete the volunteer application, sign-up for interviews, complete training, sign-up for shifts, access perks, and access anything else related to the Volunteer Program. Please be sure to enter your contact information (phone number and email) correctly. All communications will be sent to your listed phone number and email. If you forget your password, please click the link on the login page to reset your password.


What’s involved in the interview process?
The interview is brief and is meant to be an opportunity to further elaborate on the information you submitted during the application process. We want to get to know you and make sure to place you in a role where you see your passion and purpose! This is also where we will ensure we can place you appropriately based on any specific accommodations or needs you may have. The interview will last approximately 15 minutes and will be set up online based on your availability. Options for those wishing to interview in person will be available as well.

We will encourage volunteers to read through all of our FAQs and information provided prior to the interview so you can come prepared for any further clarification needed.


What are the training module topics? 
Each volunteer will be required to complete training modules through our Volunteer Academy on various topics that will adequately prepare them to serve in their assigned role. Additionally, the topics covered in the modules will be knowledge the volunteer can use in their daily lives outside of The Games. 

Module Topics: Onboarding/Welcome to TWG, Mission & Values, Communication/Teamwork , Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Culture & Etiquette, Disability & Inclusion, Human Trafficking  & Safety Protocols (general plus specific to assignment), Team Training (specific to volunteer assignment)


How will I complete the training?
General modules (ones that every volunteer will complete):
will be delivered virtually, for you to complete at your own pace in sequence, between February-May.

Team training modules (specific to your assignment):
Some may be delivered virtually, some may require an on-site training in June/early July.