Birmingham, USA | July 7 - 17, 2022








How many hours will I be required to serve?
Most volunteer teams require a minimum 20 hour commitment (split into shifts). Shifts are typically 4-6 hours in length. You can serve multiple shifts per day, or just one per day. Shift schedules will be available approximately April, 2022.


What type of training is expected?
Every volunteer will complete a series of training modules that will prepare them to serve during The World Games. Learn more about training modules


Will I have to complete a background check?
Yes, all volunteers will be subject to a background check due to The World Games being a SEAR (Special Event Assessment Rating) 1 rated event; the highest security level assigned. You will be asked for your Social Security Number (those without one can provide passport or VISA) during the application process for this purpose only.


Will I have to apply to volunteer?
Yes, all volunteers must go through the online application process, followed by an interview. This allows us to be able to appropriately place volunteers. Application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer.


What all is involved in the application process and selection process?
Please read about The Volunteer Journey here.


How old do you have to be to volunteer?
Volunteers must be 18 years old by July 1, 2022. We do have some limited youth volunteer opportunities (Ages 14-17 by July 1, 2022). Please view youth volunteer information here