Birmingham, USA | July 7 - 17, 2022

Volunteer FAQs




How many hours will I be required to serve?
Most volunteer teams require a minimum 20-hour commitment (split into shifts). Due to the premier event of Opening and Closing Ceremonies shift do not count towards volunteer hour commitment.

Shifts are typically 4-6 hours in length. You can serve multiple shifts per day or just one per day. Shift schedules will be available approximately May 31, 2022.


What type of training is expected?
Every volunteer will complete a series of training modules that will prepare them to serve during The World Games. Learn more about training modules


Will I have to complete a background check?
Yes, all volunteers may be required to a background check due to The World Games being a SEAR (Special Event Assessment Rating) 1 rated event; the highest security level assigned. Some background checks may be waived.

Accepted forms of identification: Social Security Number, Passport, or VISA. (Used only for the application process.)


What all is involved in the application process and selection process?
Please read about The Volunteer Journey here.


How old do you have to be to volunteer?
Volunteers must be 18 years old by July 1, 2022. We have limited youth volunteer opportunities (Ages 14-17 by July 1, 2022).

Volunteers will receive the following perks package based completing all training modules and serving a minimum of 20 hours:

  • Official TWG 2022 volunteer uniform shirt
  • Official TWG 2022 volunteer headwear
  • Official TWG 2022 volunteer bag and water bottle
  • Official TWG 2022 volunteer pin
  • Complimentary Event Tickets* Volunteers will receive 8 tickets, and can earn more as additional shifts beyond the minimum are completed *Learn More
  • Participation in Closing Ceremony
  • Volunteer appreciation event

What are the basic steps to volunteer?

  1. Learn about the program (you’re doing that now!)
  2. Pass a background screening (where required)
  3. Complete a brief interview
  4. Complete training modules
  5. Communicate with your Team Captain
  6. Sign up for your volunteer shifts (approximately May 2022)
  7. Get your uniform package and goodies! (approximately June 2022)
  8. Complete any on-site and team-specific training


What is Rosterfy? 
Rosterfy is the platform we use for our Volunteer Program.

After creating an account, you will use this account to complete the volunteer application, sign-up for interviews, complete training, sign-up for shifts, access perks, and access anything related to the Volunteer Program. Please be sure to enter the correct contact information.

Rosterfy will send all communications to your listed phone number and email. If you forget your password, visit the login page and reset it.


What’s involved in the interview process?
All interviews will be virtual and will last approximately 15 minutes. Applicants can choose from a list of available timeslots to schedule an interview.

We will encourage volunteers to read through the FAQs and the information provided before the interview.


What are the training module topics? 

  1. Onboarding/Welcome to TWG
  2. Mission & Values
  3. Virtual Event; Guest Service
  4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  5. Culture & Etiquette
  6. Disability & Inclusion
  7. Human Trafficking & Safety Protocols
  8. Team Training


How will I complete the training?
Volunteers will complete virtual modules at their own pace until June.

Team training modules specific to your assignment may be delivered virtually and may require on-site training in June/early July. Sport volunteers will be required to attend in-person training prior to competition.

Can I volunteer even if I do not live in Birmingham, USA?
Yes, we welcome volunteers from all over the world to join us! We will offer virtual training for these volunteers. On-site training needs for most teams can be done on-site at the beginning of The Games.

Will a letter be provided for VISA applications?
No, The World Games 2022 will not provide a letter for volunteers for VISA travel. Please visit for more information. 

Is housing or travel paid for?
No, we do not provide complimentary lodging or paid travel. We recommend all volunteers book housing as soon as possible.

What do I wear?
Every volunteer will receive a uniform package consisting of an official volunteer shirt and headwear (ball cap or bucket hat). Volunteers are not required to wear the headwear; however, please wear the official piece provided to you if you do wear headwear. Volunteers must wear the volunteer shirt at all times while volunteering and only be worn while volunteering. (Please do not wear it while attending the event as a spectator).

Volunteers will provide their own bottom garments. We ask that all volunteers wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes while on duty. Each volunteer will be provided a bag and water bottle. Please plan accordingly. Most venues will NOT have a secure place to keep your items while on shift. Volunteers will have the option to purchase additional volunteer uniform shirts if needed at a reduced cost.


Can I receive Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for completing the training modules?
YES! We have many professions approved to give CEU/CPD credits for completing these modules. When you fill out the Volunteer Application, it will ask for the name of your organization that may provide CEU’s/CPD. We will approach all listed organizations for verification.


When will I get my complimentary tickets?
Upon completion of the general modules and acceptance of the assigned shift schedule, you will be given a code to redeem your complimentary tickets.  If you do not show up for an on-site training event after module completion, or if you do not show up for a scheduled shift, your complimentary tickets will be deactivated.


How many tickets do I receive?
You will receive eight complimentary tickets. There is limited access to events, and tickets are given based on availability. Event access is specified below. You will use these tickets for yourself or give them to guests. Learn more about children’s tickets here


Which events do I have access to use for my complimentary tickets?
You may use your complimentary tickets at the following events, on an as available basis. 

The medal rounds of events are NOT available in all cases (except where noted).

*Dates and further information about events can be found here

  • Air Sports – Barber Motorsports Park
  • Archery (Field & Compound Target) – Avondale Park
  • Artistic Skating – Birmingham Crossplex
  • Beach Handball – Sloss Furnaces
  • Canoe Marathon  – Oak Mountain State Park
  • Fistball – Birmingham Southern College
  • Flag Football – Legion Field (medal rounds available as well)
  • Muaythai – Boutwell Auditorium
  • Speed Skating Road – Birmingham Crossplex
  • Speed Skating Track – Birmingham Crossplex
  • Sport Climbing – Sloss Furnaces
  • Waterski & Wakeboard – Oak Mountain State Park


Do I get in free at events I’m not working?
No, volunteer Credentials ONLY give you access to events in a working capacity. Your credential will not provide you with access as a spectator. Events you wish to go to as a spectator will either need to be purchased or use your complimentary tickets. Please remember, only certain events will be available to access with your complimentary tickets, and all are on an as available basis.


Will I be able to watch events where I am working?
Some limited positions may view the field of play while you are working. However, your priority is your assigned task/post while on shift. Volunteers should focus on their assignments as opposed to the game/match.


Who do I report to?
Volunteers accepted will be placed on a specific team. Each team will have a Team Captains. The team captain will be your main communication point for questions and engagement leading up to and during the event. Team Captains will report to their assigned Volunteer Division Leads.


How do I receive information?
When you apply to volunteer, you will create a profile and answer questions in our volunteer management system, Rosterfy. Along with volunteer registrations, Rosterfy will be used for all volunteer-specific information leading to and during The Games, including Team assignment information, training modules, Team Captain information and communication, shift assignment, volunteer manuals, general event info for volunteers, and more!


Do volunteers receive payment?
No, volunteers do not receive payment or compensation. Serving as a volunteer is voluntary.


Will I get Parking/Transportation while volunteering?
More information about parking will be provided soon. Meanwhile, please visit for more information. 


Will water be provided while volunteering?
Yes, every location will have products available to volunteers!


What is a team captain?

  • Each team must have a Team Captain on shift at all times
  • A Team Captain is the lead person (or people) for their team
  • Some teams may have more than one captain to ensure a captain is available on all shifts


What is the time commitment to serve as a Team Captain?

  • Team Captain must be available 12 hours per month from February to March
  • Availability will need to increase to 25- 30 hours a month from April – June
  • Starting July 1 – July 20 Team Captain will need to be available 40+ hours


What are the responsibilities of the Team Captain?

  • Be a role model of leadership that demonstrates compassion and service
  • Attend Bi-weekly calls with TWG 2022 staff/volunteer leadership in your area to learn the specific needs of the volunteers within your team
  • Work with TWG staff to develop training specifically for your team
  • Manage your team using the TWG volunteer system, Rosterfy. This platform allows you to communicate with your team quickly


What are the main responsibilities for the Team Captain during The Games? 

  • Be on-site during the times their team volunteer is serving
  • Ensure all volunteers on their team are checked in and given any instructions for their shift
  • Serve as the point of contact for the volunteers on shift for any issues
  • Assist other teams with volunteer staffing if a need arises
  • Serve as the key contact between the team volunteers and the TWG staff/volunteer leadership

Are there additional perks for Team Captains?

  • Two volunteer shirts
  • Additional tickets (more details provided upon being selected as a lead volunteer)


What if I have other questions not listed here? 
Please email us at [email protected]. Our team will work on your inquiry and should get back to you with an answer within 24-48 hours.